There is a sensitivity in using something handmade. A contemplation and awareness is present while simultaneously going about normal activities that can otherwise become inattentive or mundane. I am interested in the romanticism of using a handmade object everyday with commonplace habits like drinking coffee/tea every morning, serving a meal to your family or friends, and setting flowers out on a table. My current practice is driven by my inspiration from these feelings, which inform the types of forms I create.

I relish new places and new experiences, often contemplating houses and people while traveling to different landscapes. What kind of people live there and what kind of pots do these people use in their everyday lives- while drinking coffee or serving a meal? By exploring differing lines, textures, and patterns in my work I can begin to unravel the imagery of new places to reflect my thoughts and feelings into something tangible on the surfaces. Whether a color combination, a pattern or texture, my travels and experiences find their way into my work.